Total Loss

A total loss occurs when your vehicle repairs cost around 75% more that the sales value of your vehicle the day of the car accident. You have little control over whether or not the insurance company repairs your vehicle, or deems it a total loss. If the repair estimate is close to 75% of the value of your vehicle, you can plea your case to the insurance adjuster. If you can prove the fair market value of your vehicle is more the day of the accident than what their appraisal says, you may get them to change their mind and repair your vehicle instead of replacing your total loss vehicle. These negotiation techniques can be found in The Claim Buster eBook.

There are other situations in which you must be careful when your vehicle is a total loss. Watch out for unecessary storage fees and rental car charges.

If your vehicle is beyond repair, you need to start researching it’s value right away to be ready for the appraisal from the insurance adjuster. Don’t be fooled, you can negotiate your total loss vehicle value. The Claim Buster eBook teaches you the way to negotiate your total loss claim properly.

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