Stubborn Adjuster

Are you dealing with a stubborn insurance adjuster?

Insurance adjusters are paid to make your auto accident claim payout as little money as possible. In the insurance world, this is called Loss Economic Opportunity or, LEO. Every quarter insurance claim adjusters are reviewed and will get pay raises and pay decreases based on their LEO. They are trained in technical terminology to scare you into a low auto claim settlement by making it sound like they have the upper hand and what they say is the bottom line with your car accident. Auto adjusters are very good at what they do and they do not care about your personal situation. When dealing with 150 to 500 claims at once, you can bet that you are not their top priority car accident insurance victim. You are entitled to a fair claim settlement. Do not let an insurance adjuster tell you they cannot give you more for your settlement, or that it is simply out of their hands. With the correct knowledge and training, you can fight back!

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