Release My Vehicle

Should I release my vehicle to the insurance company?

The insurance company has requested that you release your vehicle to them. Sounds kind of sketchy, doesn’t it… Well, guess what? Do it! Call the storage facility or repair shop right now and get your car released. Don’t read another word on this site, or the internet, and pick up the phone and make that call rigt now.

Why is this so urgent?

Plain and simple, it could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in the end. You’re not signing over the pink slip to your car. Your not settling your claim. The car is still yours and the claim is still open. You don’t relinquish and rights or privilages by releasing the car to the insurance. All you’re doing is allowing the vehicle to be moved somewhere that won’t be charging YOU to keep it there until your claim is settled.

Why haven’t you picked up the phone yet? Release your vehicle immediately.

What’s next?

Yeah, there’s more to it than that. Which is why we wrote the book on what to do. Seriously, we wrote a book. Pick up your copy of the The Claimbuster eBook right now so that you can know ALL your rights and dues in your current horrible situation. Let us be your personal guide from start of a car accident claim until you have a claim check in your hand with the money you deserve. Affordably priced at only $29.95 $12.95, you can’t afford not to read this valuable car accident claim information.

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