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What is Prior Damage?

Damage on your vehicle that was not a direct result of the current car accident.

The appraiser inspecting your vehicle after the car accident will certainly look for prior damage on your vehicle. Finding prior damage on your vehicle will allow the insurance company to pay you less for your vehicle. The amount deducted will be the same or a little more than the repair cost of the prior damage. Isn't it curious to find out the insurance company is so quick to deduct from the value of your vehicle if it has prior damage, yet so reluctant to pay you a diminished value claim as a result of the current car accident?

In a repairable situation, the insurance company is not liable for any prior damage on your vehicle. You could call it a pre-existing condition ;)

Save yourself time, most of the time it isn't worth fighting the value of the prior damage. You'll have better luck proving the overall value of your vehicle to recieve a higher payout for your car accident claim. Learn how to prove the value of your vehicle.

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