CCC Evaluation

“Your CCC Evaluation Is Bogus!

Do you really think CCC Valuescope would still be in business if they gave a fair evaluation? Claimbuster EXPOSES The Truth behind their lies, and gives you the tools you need to get Fair Market Value for your vehicle.

After deeming your vehicle a total loss, the insurance company will obtain a vehicle evaluation report. This evaluation report usually comes from one of two companies, CCC Information Services Group, Inc. or ADP/Auto Source. These companies specialize in low-balling the value of your vehicle so that insurance companies can pay you less money.

Most people buy insurance because they think owning such insurance means that the insurance company will fight for them in case of an accident. After all, it’s reasonable to assume that paying customers have a claim for their supplier’s assistance—particularly when the product being sold and bought involves insurance from damages (be that financial, physical, or otherwise).

Unfortunately, what these same customers come to realize is that insurance companies care only about the bottom dollar, not the customer. Since they extract payment from their customers upfront—before their product is actually needed—they’re able to get away with taking advantage of the very people they were “hired” to protect and assist.

But insurance companies wouldn’t be able to do this without some outside help. After all, in the case of an auto accident, insurance providers base their monetary recompense on damage cost estimates, which are provided all-too-often by CCC Information Services Group, Inc.

A cursory glance at CCC’s website would suggest that CCC cares strongly about you. CCC’s public relations and marketing people stress that they strive to take care of their “customer” and that “customers” always come first in their company. Sounds great, right? Wrong! You are not their customer; the insurance company is! When they say they value customers, they mean they are valuing the insurance company’s financial stakes more than your well-being.

The CCC evaluation report that is given to your insurance provider is based on estimates that are designed to favor CCC’s customer, the insurance company. “Well,” CCC might claim, “those estimates are based on computer software and equations,” as if a computer’s neutral state is evidence against CCC’s biased position. Everyone knows that equations are only as good as the numbers put into them and that it’s very easy to manipulate numbers to arrive at the solution that works best for insurance companies.

Don’t be fooled. CCC’s biased estimates are the reason plenty of perfectly healthy vehicles have been declared a total loss after something as benign as a fender bender. If insurance companies can get their supplier, the CCC, to claim the vehicle’s value is lower than the cost to fix said vehicle (or even just that the cost to repair a vehicle is as low as 70% of a vehicle’s value), then they can save themselves money by low-balling your vehicle’s value. They do this by manipulating fair market value. This information is also used against you by the insurance company to pay you less for your vehicle and property damage claim! They can declare your car to have had “prior damage” because there may be a paint chip in the passenger door, or they may fail to acknowledge that you just spent $400 last month to buy all-new tires. Do you have a top of the line stereo system? It plays no role whatsoever in the CCC evaluation of your vehicle value.

If you’ve been in an auto accident and your insurance gives you a low estimate based on a CCC evaluation, immediately take action. Don’t roll over and play dead for these people.

Claim Buster has the tips and tricks you can use to pick these evaluations apart and raise the offer on your vehicle. You may notice the comparable vehicles that are listed on these evaluations all are valued at the take price. The ClaimBuster eBook will tell you all about the take price and what it means. More importantly, it will tell you how you can get more money for your claim settlement.

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